A New Era In Tribes

I have to say, that social media has a strange way of steeling from the past and building their platforms on those issues.  GUILTY!! But I am LaurieAnn, and I believe in the truth, what Millenials are calling “transparency”.  I get it.. I just look at someone angry at me, upset with me, heck, just ask me the word “can we talk?” or “we need to talk”… I end up with my eyes so distorted that they can see right through them.  My mother always said that.  I cannot lie. Utopia4laurieannbrandingyouniveristy13c60

I like my tribes… even if I don’t know them in person. I have met them online with Zoom and Skype, Facetime and Messenger.  What a wonderful way of connecting.  Why I say this??  I moved 24 times. I connect with my friends because having moved so much, this is wonderful.

I even online, reconnected with the one best friend I apparently knew from birth.  Sylvia Morneau.

I remember not of my babyhood, but sure do remember her until I had to move.. at 7, when we had to depart  Dad was taking the family to Turkey (didn’t know at all where that was at the time of my 7).  But the fact that I remember her and how tough she was, and a leader in our 3 people world ( Sylvain, Sylvia, Laurieann) and we (Sylvia and I.. Sylvain passed away) are still “online ” friends because we live a distance away, but this keeps up engaged..  And to you, Sylvia, I understand now why you and Sylvain got along.  Both S as your first name letter… me 3 party out with an L… LOL… darn, I am so posting what I remember with you Sylvia.  Again… go back again… Online friendship and business does NOT replace Bricks and Mortar, but it helps to know it is available and that I can touch you online..!!Illdoitlaurieann

New Era… we build our community on interaction first… then trust.  And trust is the biggest part of the relationship. Thank you four your patience!