An Old Fork In the Road Makes You Money…


Which way are you going?

I have been walking the path of online marketing, networking, publishing, reaching out, connecting, etc, etc, etc. since 1984.  Not a word of a lie.  We had BBS!! Then Compuserve. Then the Internet. 1993. I was right there building websites with HotDog, and array of different programs that you went back and forth with  to create that perfect website for your client.  The addition of companies that helped you make it easier, like wordpress, and Godaddy, suddenly you didn’t have to work as hard.. or so you thought.

Nothing was immediate then, and yet, nothing is today either.  Now it’s making yourself found on the global world of the Internet.

GenExrs (me) expected more immediacy then past generations… Millenials are even worse.

But truth be known… everything takes time.  However, time and hard work is the essence of everything in life if want to succeed.  And you may fail.  I know.  I have.  I have invested a lot in a lot, and lost many times.  But not anymore. I am well aware of scams and false promises.  Been there.

But I refuse to quit.  And here I have for you FREE advice.  No strings attached.

In all the years I have looked and invested, and followed.  I found two real connections.  This site will share them.

I hope the Millenials and GenXers will find peace, if you follow me, to know.  I went through 25 years of searching for the right fit once the Internet came about.  These are the two of the resolve.  Only 2 out of all the ones I investigated, and of several that I lost money with, because truth be known?  I was very innocent, wishful and a target.

I know that what I will be publishing here on my blogs, I will stand by, and if you feel that you are not right with either of my two picks?  Tell me.  Transparency is my life.  It is all that.  And I will share back with you my experiences.

Thank you for being here!  I hope you follow me on my journey… and maybe I can help you make money too!!