Ever Try To Catch Something, But It Always Slips Through Your Fingers?


Yes, this is me.  Me trying to catch water.  I couldn’t understand how something moving couldn’t be caught! I thinks this was the beginning of a long journey of realising… this is life.  Life opportunities are like water!  If you keep trying to catch them in you hands, they will just slip through them.

You have to be smart!  Get a cup or a bowl, or even better yet a bucket!  A really big bucket!.  Then you can capture it.

These are my thoughts on working smart not hard (although I believe you have to work hard to get to that point).

That trying to catch the water in my hand was hard…. but I was too young then to know the word “smart”.  Back then it was more fun to play with the water and try to catch it and have no clue I couldn’t!… Now I know I can.

Life lessons…