Find Out How YOUR Story Can Make You Money!!

laurieann Your Story Is Your Money

We all have a story.  It may be about love, or business, or our pets!  It may be about our family, our adventures, our business challenges, and even our search for the perfect something.  We all know there are no perfect somethings, but you can always re-invent the “perfect” to achievable.

Almost 40 years ago, I created a cartoon character, Hampy.  He has been my inspiration, even if he is not popular.  He is what I draw when I need to relax, or to express myself.  I have not been as devoted to his creations as I should be, but I did self-publish the first of the three books I wrote about him.  The book is not as “perfect” as I wanted it to be, the digital recreation did not really come across as well as the original paintings, but I did it.

I am now working on two more books.  I have them copyrighted.  One has been with me for 20 years and the other one is only two years old.  Make Up Not Required and Psychotic Love (in connection with my baby sister).  It’s all about one step at a time, but since I have been connected with Marc Lalonde, my motivation has increased tenfold.

Share your story!  And there is money in it!