For The Love of Family… And Your Daughter

My day was busy at the automotive dealership and I knew I had to run to the bank for money exchange between accounts afterwards and they closed early on a Friday from savings to chequing to relieve some financial stress.

The day went so well.  I had anticipated just going home.

However, I knew I had one more job to do before coming home and having fun with my blogs and then relaxing. The one thing that was unexpected, but important to do.

To my coming home, this is my learning place.  I have three projects I am working on, loving taking courses at BrandingYouniversity, building my sites, learning more about how to attract new clients to them, building my Life Design Coaching services, and my passion is Handwriting Analysis  (I am a certified Handwriting Analyst), and I am pursuing to my Masters at this time.  So this is my being excited to come home to play with my after-hour retirement career building, and aspirations.

But I knew the day end was not going to be as planned when came this message on my cell from my daughter one hour before the end of my shift… that she had…motherdaughtersupport as per the text…a plastic piece hanging down from the bottom of the car.

I realised, being in the automotive industry, that it was her belly pan that had fallen down, and it was dragging.  I tried to get her to explain the situation a bit clearer so that I could let her know if it was drive-able or not.  No response, so I knew I had to head down to see her at her work 30 minutes from home.

I knew my night would have to be rescheduled, but she needed me there.  So with cardboard, zip ties, and running home for warm clothes and a flashlight, I headed down to her car.

Oh my.  The part of the belly pan was not the front part.  It was the middle part.  And her vehicle is low, so I had to slip under it, along with all my might to fight my claustrophobia!!   My head barely fit under the front end of her car, and the section was behind her wheel, a very awkward spot to reach.

p.s. for anyone questioning my customer relations… her is one reason why  You manage to keep in touch!!

Thanks to my Parts Manager, the cardboard was a saviour in this snowy/rain weather.  But the zip ties didn’t work.  There were not enough holes close to each other.

Thank goodness for my stash in the back of my good old reliable 2002 Santa Fe.  ( I have all the auto safety kits I need for emergencies, and this and thats!)  A bungie cord!!

So while two grown men came out to watch, there was Mom, 56, under the car, securing the pan.  I did it!!  I just kept thinking of my Logo “I Will Do It”, which has been my in lifetime thoughts, even when things got hard.  I Will Do It… and it kept playing in my head.  And I DID IT!!

It pays to have a Mom in the automotive industry, yes, but more so, self -sufficient and one that thanks her training in Girl Guides to her “Be Prepared” attitude. 🙂

This, however, as much as it really does not fit in the psychotic love category,  and regardless of how much I psychotically love all my children here and there and everywhere, this experience is not psychotic.  This is better defined as – For the love of family support.

I learned this from my parents.  I realised that in a greater way tonight driving home, and then, when I did get home, called them.  I hadn’t in a while.  It was a lovely  call with both of them on the line at the same time.  I spent an hour with them on the phone, and told them I will see them Sunday.  I am going to visit.

The hour out of my evening, helping my daughter, and the hour on the phone with my mother and father, was worth the schedule change, and after-all, it replaced my originally intended boring blog.

(Kidding, but, this is present and fresh, and I wanted to share. 🙂 )

I WILL DO IT… continue putting that in your subconscious mind and truthfully… it embeds itself.

To recap… True and End of story… I really overcame that claustrophobia… because at that moment in time I thought… I WILL DO IT!… and I DID!!