If I Could Split Myself In Half

I would… so I am going to, by sharing my one site that I am excited about, because it gives you all the information about offering free branding information, and an amazing 90 Challenge to a New You. The link and site itself at the bottom of this page is possibly not what I would generally generate as a site, but it is full great opportunities!


I am passionate about both. For two very yet very related reasons.

Marc helps me brand and market myself.  Bart made me a better person, and his coaching course is awesome, and I highly recommend it, having gone through it.

These are my two that I mentioned.

I trust them.  I have tested them, particularly Bart Baggett.  I have a 12 year connection with him, through handwriting analysis and coaching, and through those year watched his program grow to wonderful.   It’s engaging and I have met so many people online and have continued to be friends with them thanks to the way Bart built this program.

To that Marc has been pretty wonderful too.  He says it as it is.

Find my mentors here:


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