Things To Be Proud Of

I sometimes think that I am in a world of wonder.  The wonder from the beginning of my career of “what am I good at? What do I want to do?”

I visited my parents today and my mother handed me a book.

In it there were all the clippings of the things I have done in life.  Trust me, some of them  I had forgotten about.  As she sat next to me while I went through it, she said “You have done so much!” I have.  I thank God for that, because I know I will end my life knowing I pursued everything I wanted to at the time I wanted to, from the time I was a child of 13.  Some of my time line includes:

7 – Best friend and I found valuables during garbabe day, collected them and went door to door trying to sell them.  Love Sylvia.  She was a year older and she was my inspiration

13 – Started a haunted house, a dog show and a fair and charged for it. This with my friend Cathy.  Mome was wonderful.  She let me slice potatoes to make home made potatoe chips to share.  I think I was the first Miss Vicky’s!!

18 – Wrote and illustrated my first Hampy book.  30 years later I had it reproduced due to water damage by a young graphic artist, and self-published.  Not quite the same as the original, but it has a ISBN number 🙂

24 – Started my own Literary Agency, and became Vice-President of the Toronto branch of the Canadian Author’s Association. Wrote several Letters to the Editor to the Toronto Star that were published. 21 in fact!

25 – Got married… worked for the husband in marketing and finance for 10 years.  Moved to Reno, NV, and had my first child.  Had to close my Literary Agency business.

28 – Joined the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, still worked for the hubby, but had my own business building websites.  HotDog and old versions of doing so.  Was learning about the Internet!  Continued building websites for the next 10 years, while working in the marketing and finance for my husband. And had three children!



36 – Office Manager for Decor and More on contract.  Audited books from previous theft.  A lot of work submitting previous taxes owed that the previous Office Manager stole.  Exciting time.

37 – Private Investigator.  Lasted a year as full-time, kept my contract licence for the next 17 years.

38 – Exectuvite Director of The Enterprise Centre – helping people start their own businesses , and President of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

43 – Product consultant for Jeep Chrysler Dodge.

44 – Office Manager for a Detailing/Auto Repair shop and Owner of my Used Car Dealership.

45 – Service Advisor for a local Auto Repair company.  Best boss ever, although he keeps saying he was never my boss… but I liked to bug him… still a good friend.

46. Settlement came through.. Bought an Auto Repair company in a small town!  Brought my Used Car Dealership with me there and too opened up a muffler shop and an impound.  Best time of my life!  On same property there was a hobby farm and my house!… Hard times came along… and .. lost all.  But worth the experience!

50. Service Advisor at a Dealership.

These are the blankets.  But under the blankets, I have been certified as a Handwriting Analyst, and working on my Masters.  I was also involved with little projects, like Forget Them Not, Restaurants With Heart, and volunteered so much that I got the Pinnacle Award for volunterism.  The most prestigious award I was offered, and wasn’t able to receive it! I was in Ireland for a wedding of my ex’s cousin.  That may be called “luck of the Scottish/Italian/French”, not the “luck of the Irish”… 🙂

So… I am now 56.

56 – Still a Service Advisor….


But more so, in the past 9 years, in the background, I have been taking courses for personal growth and development.  Here on this site I share them with you and they are my goals to my retirement in 10 years?  I don’t want to be a Walmart greeter.  No disrespect, but I am on my feet all day at this point.  I like the following:

There are two families I follow and am a part of.  If you are like me and want to retire and make money while you are?  For me it is I just WANT to retire while having fun!!

Check these out. I’m not selling.  I am sharing.  Hugs to you all who are as much motivated in life, no matter your age!  I never gave up.. and at 56 still not giving up!

Here is just one link to my two favorite people that I know, will help me to move forward, not only with my passions, but with making money!!

Trust me, by the way.  I have done my homework.  These two connections are solid!!

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