To Have Children or Not?

I have friends who have chosen not to have children.  I am in agreement, even I had three.

Back as a young adult, I had been adamant that I would not have any children.  It was my plight to be independent, build my business, make money and live a simple life once the money flowed in.

NOT.  I fell in love at first sight and that changed my world.  I was told I couldn’t have children, but all of a sudden, one year into marriage, I was pregnant.  I had most wonderful baby.  So wonderful, that I was hooked, and afraid of how much I loved him.

My first child

I had two more.

There are days my children ask me why I had them.  The first one, the answer is easy.  It was a surprise.  The other two, I will admit, were selfish, because I wanted to love more children.  I wanted to spread my love out.  I thought it was too much to place the burden of all the love I felt on just one.


I have no regrets.  I have no regrets that my life path changed, that it was definitely often a “path less travelled”.

Today I can say, I did so much and love so much.  And I will continue to feel that way.  Blessed beyond belief!!