I grew up in a busy house.  Three sisters and a very busy moving father.  I have moved 24 times, of which they were not all because of my father, but however, my youth and my frustration of staying any one place too long just made me jittery, and wanting to keep moving.  I never set any particular direction of what or where I was moving on to.


But also a great adventure.  Your story can make YOU money!

Today my favorite adventure is working in branding for two reasons.  For me, and for my clients.  For me, because I have my books and my coaching, and my handwriting expertise, and for my clients because

they too have something to sell and people need to know that they are worthy of investing in.

I think my favourite saying in the world is “Live Life As Play” by Plato.  Sadly, not many people view this world.  I love being on this crazy thing called an computer and type my thoughts, and create on a tablet my Hampy.

However, it is only now I am appreciating all that I have learned over the past 30 years of online presence.

Sometimes it is the truth.  Don’t underestimate your experience.  No matter how old you are… but even more so, no matter how minute you think that experience is.  It can grow into amazing!

So why did I start this Entitled or Not?  I realised I AM entitled to my own place, my own life, and to be selfish and reclusive when I want to.  I am 56.  Time to live without the demands.  Much like the Millenials, only 30 years older and paying my rent and bills.   I have the right to be who I want to be, when I want to be without judgement.   And if I feel this way as an adult, I like thinking it’s entitlement.  And I realised being a parent doesn’t mean that you have to feel guilty about the entitlement you worked for. 🙂

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