Social Media Expert Anxiety? Who To Follow?

I have been working with social media for years.  Since its inception back in the early 1990’s.

It was complicated in the domain of knowing how to program to get on the Internet, but so simple in that the population was so much lower, and all the plug ins, and pixels, and funnels didn’t exist.  Nor did the plethora of Internet Gurus and coaching specialists.

My main method of being coached was with a set of cassettes I found for $10 at a garage sale by Tony Robbins.  I worked out every morning with my cassette player connected to my earplugs.  I was amazed.

Then as the years went on, the Internet just blew up!  Like a balloon.  And it hasn’t popped yet!! It just keeps blowing up.  I followed the wave… I remained engaged to a certain point.  I remember when the first affiliate programs came out and how many scams there were and how much money I spent on them.

Disenfranchised, I lay low, all the while still watching the balloon.

Prices have not really gone up much for the smart ones that ask for people to join the “not a MLM” groups, that actually are.  Some have increased them, but not by much.  But they don’t need to, because the population on the Internet has increased so much that you can still sell your program for $97 per person, or $997 person, and make really good money, because the people who are selling you on these are good persuaders!!

The best persuaders will be able to persuade you to find a bank loan and put yourself in debt and make “promises” that you will make it back 10X or more!


Then reality settles and you have a bank loan bigger than 1/3 of your annual income of your day job after taxes.


Because it isn’t happening that quickly.  It may happen, but it is not happening overnight, even with your FB investments of boosting you posts.  You may get 48000 reaches, 591 click, 50 visitors, and 0 clients.  This is the reality of it all.

Who is going to tell you the truth?  Who is going to tell you that it will take a lot of work and likely 3 to 5 years to finally start generating the money.  And Who is going to tell you that you need to find the right person to start with within your budget to be able to get that flow?

Not many.  But I am telling you this here.

It took me 15 years to find that.  And I know that with every Affiliate program you work with, the owner lies to you.  They will tell you that you are the only one that is getting this deal, or not to tell anyone else, or that the one live video they are doing that you have been invited to will never be shown again, but is 100 times after that to so many different social media platforms.

That’s all okay.  As long as you believe in the product.

Not the owner of what “they” are selling.  You have to believe in their product.  WHAT they are selling.  And if you do, it makes it easier to “Tell, Don’t Sell”.  That is the name of my book.  It’s not finished yet, but I’m am researching and I have it copyrighted… just not completed yet.

So here is the list of my emails that come in almost daily, or come up on my daily social media blogs… and this is just the small layer of the icing of so many more:

  • Grace Lever
  • Russell Frunson
  • Marc Lalonde
  • Brendon Bouchard
  • Tony Robbins
  • Bart Baggett
  • James – Daily Traffic Machine
  • Darren Hardy
  • Ruth Buczynski
  • Jonathan Leger
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Simpleology
  • Dante McClain
  • Richard Branson
  • Charley Gilkey
  • Karl Moore
  • Anik Singal
  • Ray Dalio

Coaching information burn out.  I can’t keep up.

I signed up with Grace Lever, Bart Baggett.  Great programs.  I just couldn’t afford the next level up.

All others I got their free books, and I can’t keep up with reading all of those either.

Cross-training is very similar to all.

So… I ended up with two.

Bart Baggett and Marc Lalonde.

Bart, because I am completing a Master’s course in Handwriting Analysis, and hoping to complete my PRISM Life Design Coaching course (twice over).

Marc Lalonde??  Because he gives FREE affiliate programs, and FREE programs, and they are awesome programs!  For social branding, you can’t beat it, and not to mention, his private coaching was a steal.  He continues to build his business offering people an affordable option.

I stopped my Social Media Burn Out, because now I know my schedule.  I know what I need to do.  And in 3 years, I will be the Superstar of Branding Youniversity.  Because I truly believe, this is a great learning product, and one that is available people who can’t afford a lot.  And as you move forward and make money, will be able to move to Platinum.  But it’s not required.

Canadian, eh?  We like to give without asking back.  And we LOVE to see others succeed.


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