Dealing With Persistent Annoyance

Living With Tinnitus

I have had tinnitus for 20 years now. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a constant buzzing in the ear. Like the times when you hear a short term buzzing and people tell you that someone is thinking about you.

Well someone is thinking about me constantly.



Truth is, I really can’t complain. I would not let it stop me from anything I want to do. Even if it does impair my hearing somewhat, I keep going.

However, the other day, the decibels of this tinnitus had increased to four times its usual noise level. It was such that it actually did change my persona. I felt irritated, and uncomfortable, and rather concerned at the thought that this would be permanent.

There is no true cure for tinnitus. There are no surgeries they can do to reverse this.

On the next day, it was a day off thankfully, I just lay in bed. I was lethargic. I knew I had to do something about this, because for me to be that way is unheard of. So while lying in bed I decided to read up a bit more about the possible way of reducing the noise again to something that is less irritating.

I found out that by cutting out caffeine, alcohol and stress, the noise could subside. Also the inclusion of Gingko and exercise would help.

I had already eliminated my wine consumption, as I started into my Dry Feb fundraiser for cancer. (no alcohol for the month of February). So I was off to a good start on that one, but I do like my coffee. So that was the next thing to go. Next, I pulled out my home gymn and finally got on my elliptical the next day. I also picked up Gingko and herbal tea.

The day that followed, the noise had returned to its liveable level, and at times even subsiding to almost unnoticeable for me.

I have now realised, I need to make these changes.

And as for stress, I have included meditation and a schedule that will not allow me to over-exert myself anymore. Too many late nights didn’t help.

So, it all comes down to making choices. And I have made mine… and I am actually excited about my new life!

Tinnitus may be irritating, but one can become accustomed to living with it, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. 🙂

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